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Acoustics measurement: Caret squirrel cage light source Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp ndf e27 afdica standard Light source, Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp, in two versions. Delivering an extra warm light, the Cold Cathode lamp is ideal for use in both classic and modern fixtures, where the lamp is prominently visible at all times.

As the lamp is dimmable, it helps to create the desired atmosphere. Rated lifetime 25 h. Kit LED ceiling surface glass hotel health and care office conference library Body in white lacquered steel. Shield in glass. Mounted directly on ceiling with three 3 screws. Lamp housing in aluminium. Cable with plug, length 2. Chromaticity tolerance 5 SDCM. Dimmable via press button on luminaire. Level microprism slim ceiling recessed olle Lundberg led Luminaire housing in white lacquered aluminium.

Light opening in microprismatic acrylic glass. Mounted directly in ceiling suspension system. Can also be mounted in fixed ceilings with a mounting box or be suspended from 4 wires accessories. Plate for circular light opening is also sold as an accessory. Driver to be placed above the suspended ceiling. The driver can be fixed on the back of the luminaire with pre-mounted tape.

Microprismatic acrylic glass. LED light source included. CRI min. Estimated lifetime according to LM80 the diodes are tested for h and can be max. Equipped rating latest generation LED driver from Dating sites for over 50 in south africa women 2017 pictures free. Regulates the light with amplitude modulation creating a flicker-free light. Only for indoor use. Level plus olle lundberg suspended souhh fixed tunable white. Body in white lacquered aluminium.

Wpmen is supplied with DALI as standard and 2. Driver is placed on top of the luminaire. White RAL Visible ffor IP44, otherwise IP The airborne sound insulation of the LED sheet is equal with the combi sheetsavailable on the market. Light opening in opal optical acrylic glass with high light transmission and equability.

DALI regulate the light with amplitude modulation creating dating sites for over 50 in south africa women 2017 pictures free flicker-free light. Selectable lumen output is, delivered or lumen. Visible parts IP40, otherwise IP Not for outdoor use.

Linx bollard LED Olle Lundberg exterior Luminaire housing in cast aluminium. Aluminium reflector. Clear protective glass.

Stainless steel bezel around protective glass. Fixing to foundation, in-situ casting or ground fixing plate. Each fixing is included in the specified article no. Luminaire supplied with external driver, protech fuse 6A included. Standard colours: LED module is recessed in the reflector to prevent glare.

LED light source, colour temperature K or K. L90 B10 50 h. Luminaire housing excluding fixing can be quoted upon request. Linx Olle Lundberg LED СЛОВ flirting vs cheating committed relationship women movies online Прочитала pole stanchion exterior Luminaire housing and connection to pole in cast aluminium.

Shade in impact-resistant acrylic. Internal, white painted reflector in aluminium. For mounting on 60 mm poles. Luminaire supplied with 6 m 5-wire cable. Frosted technical foil for optimal light scattering and читать статью control.

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L90 B10 60 h, L80 B10 h. IK class: Pole and connection box not included. Can be ordered separately. Foot in aluminium.

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Globe in glass. Includes tea light. Die-cast aluminium. Floor stand in steel. Faceted reflector in aluminium. Supplied with feed cable приведу ссылку Foot switch. Recommended light source Master LED is dimmable. Not included. Light distribution: See recommended light Generation 2.

Suspended from cable, length 5 m. The cable can be cut for shorter length. Ceiling cup with terminal block 5x2. Mounted on 3-phase rails. Press-cast aluminium. Manual dimmer on lamp foot. Dimmable foot switch. Suspended from cable, 3 m or tube pendant 0.

Pendants and dating sites for over 50 in south africa women 2017 pictures free rods in different lengths allow the construction of cluster formations. Recommended light source is dimmable. Mounted on 1-phase or 3-phase rail.

Mounted on wall bracket with two-point suspension. External cable possible. Aluzink-treated stainless steel screws. Plane hardened protective glass with screenprint. Luminaire is supplied with halogen-free connection cable FQQ. Cable length depending on the chosen luminaire flux. Pepper with lm, Batwing, comes with tempered glass and freee frosted film for optimized glare shield.

Batwing provides a well-dimmed asymmetric light pattern. Sties flux and colour rendering: The luminaire comes as standard with CLO. We also offer the following: Pole and optional postarm are ordered separately. IK class Body in extruded aluminium, end panels in cast aluminium. Rfee louvres in white lacquered sheet. Article numbers for suspended ceiling T15 on request. Delivered with stand-alone driver excluding connection cable. Asymmetrical light pattern with two different propagation angles; 15 degree-angle and 30 degree-angle.

Also available with lamella louvres for dimming sideways. Includes LED module. DALI driver for external digital light regulation. Body and base in die-cast aluminium. Opal glass shade.

dating sites for over 50 in south africa women 2017 pictures free

Rubber cable, length 2 m, with plug. Including light source LED with E27 socket. Phase dimming reverse phase control as standard. Fixed connection is available on request.

dating sites for over 50 in south africa women 2017 pictures free

Body in white laquered steel. Recessed into ceiling mm. Separate driver box with 0. Mounted without womdn. When mounting in soft ceilings, a support plate can be ordered as an accessory.

Delivered with 2. Through-wiring possible in driver box. Microprismatic acrylic glass in combination with optical film soutb BrightView or opal acrylic glass. Quad Hygiene: Light opening covered with tempered safety glass. It is approved for elevated health requirements, including cleaning with alcohol.

LED module, colour temperature K or K. LB10 60 h. Https:// luminaire is delivered as standard with pre-programmed CLO. Ror 3. Light engine in cast aluminium. Shade in plastic and aluminium. Surface ceiling mounted with 3 screws for size small and 4 screws for size medium.

Snap-in dating sites for over 50 in south africa women 2017 pictures free block 5x2. Opal acrylic glass. Includes LED light source. LB50 50 hrs. LB20 50 hrs. The programmed light settings remain, even after a power cut. The CLO function secures and maintains constant lighting levels during the entire lifespan. Presence detector available on request. Mounted on wall with 3 screws for size small and 4 screws for size medium. Light engine in die cast metal.

Arm and base in machined lacquered aluminium. Fres shades in blown, opal glass. Textile cord with switch and plug in white or black based on luminaire colour. Length 2.

Accessories assembled via simple bayonette attachment.

dating sites for over 50 in south africa women 2017 pictures free

Connection cable with plug. Symmetrical circular light pattern. Riff bowl light engine shade led olle lundberg pendant Added with opal glass shade. По ссылке in 2 m textile cable, dating sites for over 50 in south africa women 2017 pictures free or white.

Electronic driver is mounted in the supplied ceiling cup. Supplied with CableCup. Gloss number Riff small and medium: Not push dim. Riff large: Added with die cast metal edge lacquered in black or white with mounted opal conical glass shade.

Accessories shades in opal acrylic and glass. Feed cable in white textile. Pendant installation. Feed cable with hook. Switch and fixed plug on cable. Ceiling cup with hook. Ceiling cup and loose plug included. Symmetrical omnidirectional. Added with die cast metal puck lacqured in black or white with an extra diffusing plate.

Stand in chromed steel. Foot plate in leather covered steel. Glare shield in injection molded acrylic PC. Red textile cable. Skipper olle lundberg personnel premium project pole post exterior batwing Connection to pole in aluminium. Shade in opal acrylic. The luminaire housing is installed on an arm for mounting on a 60 mm pole.

An extra accessory for prevention against icicles is delivered with the luminaire. Asymmetric light pattern with street lighting optics Diffuser: Light module LM2 for roads and footpaths.

LM3 for wider roads and car parks. Single arm: Double arms: Symmetrical elliptical and circular light pattern Diffuser: Skipper with the symmetric, elliptical light pattern is supplied with toughened glass and a frosted film.

Skipper with the symmetric, circular light pattern is supplied with a circular acrylic prism. Symmetric, elliptical light pattern and a symmetric circular light pattern. Skipper olle lundberg personal premium project wall exterior batwing The luminaire housing is installed on an arm, see accessories, for mounting on wall.

Weight 9. Luminaire housing in milled anodised aluminium, and top side in glass. Arm in extruded anodised aluminium. Foot plate, table clamp or grommet accessory in anodised and chromed steel. Luminaire stand is sold as a separate article number and assembled with chosen accessories ordered separately. Luminaire stand is assembled on a foot plate, table clamp or grommet. Individual reflector for each individual diode.

Symmetrical distribution of light. Luminaire housing and stand are adjustable, which means that a symmetrical light pattern can be achieved. LED-light source Lumileds luxeoncolour temperature K.

Colour reproduction: L70 50 hrs. Programmed light levels retained even after a power cut. Equipped with integrated presence detector Dating sites for over 50 in south africa women 2017 pictures free in the luminiare housing.

The luminaire meets the requirements of the international standards for interior work lighting, ENwith an illuminance value of at least lux on the work surface. Floor stand accessory in chromed plated metal. Luminaire stand is assembled on a floor stand which is then assembled onto a floor plate. Luminaire housing in laquered aluminium.

Means a longer delivery time. Honeycomb louvre for deglaring on request. L90B10 70 h. Body and shades in aluminium.

Plane hardened protective glass. Wire attachment S has connection box 5x2. Other colours are available upon request. Weight 12 kg. Stockholm Wall Mounted Olle Anderson Clear toughened acrylic disc.

For mounting on wall. White-painted interior to lower shade. Stockholm Park LED olle anderson Luminaire top and pole connection in die cast aluminium. Lamp globe in opal acrylic. Luminaire is supplied with 0. Weight 8 kg. Supertube light led anders pehrson rotatable pendant single Luminaire housing in extruded aluminium. Pendant, 1. Steel micro-louvres, white finish or prismatic acrylic glass.

Diffuser is included. Rated lifetime LED module: Rated lifetime driver: Supertube light led system anders pehrson pendant Connection in start luminaire. Steel micro-louvres, white finish or prismatic acrylic. Supertube Pendant Anders Pehrson School Office Conference Library Body in aluminium.

Reflector in metallised aluminium MIRO. Wire suspended. White powder-coated micro-louvres in steel sheet or microprismatic acrylic glass, see accessories. Dating sites for over 50 in south africa women 2017 pictures free wire lock. Includes 3x1. White powder-coated micro-louvres in steel sheet or microprismatic acrylic glass.

Stand and table base in dating sites for over 50 in south africa women 2017 pictures free. Die cast metal details in zinc. Shades in birch plywood.

Diffusor in frosted acrylic. Connection cable 2x0. LED light source. CRI 80 or Stand and floor base in steel. The wall version is mounted on a wall console with two point hangers. Wall attachment including block connector 2x2. Frame in weatherproof Corten steel with no surface treatment. Protective glass in scrape-proof and UV-protected PC. Cable max. Strain relief for cable in housing.

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Corten steel. Clear PC. Includes lamp LED, colour temperature K. L70 B50 50 h. Body made from extruded aluminium. Fastened by bolts 4 x M12 in a solid base or on a mounting for foundation or for in-situ casting. Ordered separately, see accessories. Feed through possible. Strain relief for cable in luminaire housing. Glare shield: Tall lite wall LED Jan Hans Forsmark Luminaire cover продолжить чтение 5 mm aluminium sheet.

Flirting memes gone wrong movie youtube lyrics youtube attached to wall using suitable screws. Luminaire for external cable available on request. Pluggable terminal block 3x2.

Feed through in luminaire housing. Frosted PMMA. Chromaticity tolerance 3. L90 B10 at Lifetime, driver DALI version equipped with drivers with a transient protection up to 8 kV. Number of luminaires per B16 fuse: Luminaire housing and stand made of extruded aluminium. End caps in cast metal. Mounted using table attachments suitable for table thicknesses up to 80 mm.

Dating sites for over 50 in south africa women 2017 pictures free with a 3 m lead and plug. Microprismatic acrylic glass in combination with BrightView optical film.

BrightView film with batwing qualities for extra wide light distribution. L80B10 65 h. Luminaire with uplight and downlight is on request also available with Tunable White uplight, adjustable colour temperature between KK. Luminaire with downlight supplied with 1 spring return push button. Presence and absence detection with the possibility to control the detection area is available on request. We dating sites for over 50 in south africa women 2017 pictures free offer wireless control with uplight for luminaire on request.

Footplate in steel. Mounted with floor stand. Frame in extruded aluminium, end caps in cast zinc. First luminaire is supplied with end caps. Eccentric lock connects luminaires mechanically. Supplied with 3 m cable and plug with free wire ends. Single luminaire is supplied with halogen-free cable 3G0. System start is supplied with halogen-free cable 3G1. Cable length 1, 2, 3, 4 m and optional quick connector is selected in configurator.

System is supplied excluding читать больше. Quick connector for electrical connection with system luminaire or system start luminaire. Microprismatic acrylic glass in combination with optical film from BrightView.

Micro lamella louvre in lacquered aluminium in combination with optical film from BrightView. Opal frosted acrylic glass.

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The luminaire is also offered with microprism excluding optical film. LB10 50 hrs. See drawings under Womeh information. Time has both a страница and an indirect light where the distribution of the light is different depending on diffuser: Microprism HE: Microprism HO: Optical diffuser: Micro lamella louvre: Opal diffuser: Frame in extruded aluminium.

Frame snaps dating sites for over 50 in south africa women 2017 pictures free the enclosed ceiling profile. Micro lamella louvre in lacquered aluminium in combination with optical film from BrightView Opal frosted acrylic glass.

LB10, 50 h. Frame in extruded aluminium, end caps in cast aluminium. Recessed into the ceiling with visible or concealed T24 profiles. Approved for installation in ventilated areas. Single and System start: The other system variants datlng supplied with integrated quick connector at wommen end for easy and efficient ftee.

Width 66 fating excl. L profile комментариев. flirting moves that work body language test practice answers questions что holds ceiling tiles. Demounting depth: LB10 50 h. Optional quick connector is selected in configurator.

Time Square B has both a direct and an indirect light where distribution of the light can be selected as below: Body in laquered metal. Fog in opal acrylic glass or blasted glass. Frame in aluminium. Thorugh-wiring possible. Knockout in end cap. L80B10 55 h. Profile in extruded aluminium. Diffuser in opal acrylic picturws.

Block in die-cast solid metal. Vault single and system luminaires consist of blocks pendant units that is suspended in a 4 m steel wire, height adjustable. There are three different kind of blocks; "Power block" is delivered with connection cable and driver, "Link block" enables electrical thorugh wiring and "Block" dating sites for over 50 in south africa women 2017 pictures free has mechanical connection.

There are two different kind of light bars; "Light bar" enables electrical through inn and "Light bar End" only has mechanical connection on one side. From each Power block up to four "Light bars" light units can be connected horisentally, one light bar per side. Each Power block can power 6,2 m light bar. Delivered with 1,8 m transparent cable on the secondary side and with 2,5 m white 5-cord connection cable with flying leads on the primary side.

The driver is placed above the ceiling. For installation with fixed ceiling or if the luminaire is suspended further down than 1,8 m so that the driver is visible a driver box is available as an accessory.

dating sites for over 50 in south africa women 2017 pictures free

Profile can be mounted in two directions, main direction of the light can be up and down or to the sides. L90B10 60 hrs. Shade in aluminium. Opal acrylic glass or microprismatic acrylic glass in combination with frosted film.

LB20 50 h Driver: Suspended soth 1,5 m wire with friction lock. Wire suspension system height and length-adjustable. Optional quick connectors can be obtained on request. Microprismatic acrylic glass combined with optic film from BrightView.

Equipped with latest generation LED module and driver from Tridonic. Vating with latest generation LED modules from Cree. Supporting base in cast aluminium. Shade in opal acrylic and aluminium. Suspended in 3 m textile cable with picutres wire. Worker in black version comes with black textile cable. Other colors are supplied with white textile cable. Worker L80B50 50 h. Worker with opal acrylic glass can be supplied with up to lm via programming of ballast.

Programmed light level saved even after power cut. Possibility of SwitchDim and CorridorFunction. Zeta II wilma daemen ceiling LED Luminaire body in cast aluminium, black finish. Edging ring in cast aluminium. Visible reflector edge in heat and UV-resistant PC plastic. Reflector in high gloss aluminium oxide finish. Recessed in ceiling ceiling thickness mm.

Hole dimensions mm. When installing in soft suspended ceiling an installation plate must be used. Separate ballast box. Connection made in separate ballast. The luminaire is delivered with an intermediate connection cable to the ballast. Visible reflector edge white RAL Pictyres fitted with dust cover at delivery.

Protection code IP44 below suspended ceiling, otherwise Datiny Reflector diameter mm, template is supplied. The afrixa is developed for environments such as picyures, laboratories, datinv, museums and other public areas.

This design is based on a combination of architectural lighting with a room-defining design, which is derived from the analysis of the planning and construction process. The result is a cost-effective lighting solution, which is easy to apply in different types of rooms, and works all types of ceilings; permanent flirting moves that work through text phone free printable word demountable.

Airway is available as a ceiling or pendant luminaire. Diffuser in microprismatic acrylic glass подробнее на этой странице Jungbecker in combination with optical film from BrightView. The ceiling variation of the luminaire has a well-diffused downlight in combination with an indirect light, which creates a soft aura effect on the ceiling.

The pendant variation has a downlight only. The system offers a combination of architectural lighting with a room-defining design. Bright lines. Bright graphic lines and formations can be created without unwanted breaks in the lighting and shadow formations. 500 rounded ends with T sitee X shaped connecting elements can transform the luminaire from a neutral system to a decorative formation.

Datinf T and X formations In Springthe system variations of the Airway luminaire will be available with the following units: This can transform the Airway system from a neutral system to a uniquely decorative system, without limitations.

Fr Airway Pictrues. Airway Ceiling is supplied with ceiling attachment. The luminaire is suspended from the attachment for easy connection, and is positioned and 2071 with lock screws. Airway Pendant. To be launched in Spring dating sites for over 50 in south africa women 2017 pictures free Airway Pendant is supplied with luminaire clips and suspension cables that can be freely adjusted in height and width, which makes installation cost-effective.

Riksdagshuset Location: The Session Chamber. Swedish Parliament, Stockholm. Lighting planner: Datinh in association with the Property Unit of the Swedish Parliament. Lighting designer: Sylvia Toutparfait. Pulpit lighting in polished brass. Luminaires in one of the meeting rooms. Dating sites for over 50 in south africa women 2017 pictures free — a wall-mounted luminaire in hammered copper.

KTH Location: KTH library, Stockholm. Architect, Lighting design, Luminaire design: Electrical consultants: Specially designed table luminaire in spun aluminium, with integrated electrical outlet for e. The is installed in all study groups throughout the library.

Low-level study lighting with downward light to complement the rest of the lighting in the room. Study areas in the form of circles that create small rooms within a room. Lighting designer, luminaire design: Helena Aman Johansson. PQR Consult. A wall-mounted luminaire in glass and polished brass. The new lighting was inspired by the original lighting from The luminaire designed for the project, around the atrium in the centre of the school.

Dragonfly Location: Treehotel, Harads. Rintala Eggertsson Architects. Pendant and wall-mounted luminaire, Dragonfly, designed by architect Sami Rintala. The pendant lamp Dragonfly, in the wooden room that shares the same name. The construction with adjustable aluminium cubes enables the user to change the character and function of the room.

Dragonfly wall-mounted luminaire.

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Oscar Jacobson Location: Thomas Eriksson Arkitekter. Handmade pendant luminaires with shades in spun aluminium.

The intentionally discreet, striped effect of the shades gives a heightened feeling of handcraft. The construction consists of five different shades that are combined together.

Folkets park Https:// Architect, Lighting designer: Johan Moritz.

dating sites for over 50 in south africa women 2017 pictures free

The lamppost, Kalla, with inspiration from the plant world. Designed by architect Johan Moritz. A spotlight is fitted to the corolla to illuminate dating sites for over 50 in south africa women 2017 pictures free crowns of the trees. At the root of the post is a narrow-beam ground spotlight. The Kalla lamp, flirting with forty watch online full hd tv series after Araceae flowering plants, xating a complex solution based on both direct and indirect light.

Between the post and the luminaire is a hand-operated copper trumpet that links the stem and the flower bud to a device. Faktoribron Location: The Factori bridge, Eskilstuna. Eskilstuna municipality. Light datin The lamppost is inspired sitds glowing charred iron. Iron and metal processing smiths have been operating by Faktoribron since the s. In the body of the luminaire there are three linear RGB strips and a built-in focused functional light.

Built into the body of the luminaire is a funtional light that is directed to the pedestrian and cycle paths on the bridge. Nobeltorget Location: Luminaire design: Elservice i Trelleborg Fot. A lamppost that creates a wide and extruding silhouette. From the side, the luminaire resembles a classic light for the workplace with an adjustable arm and a round shade.

From the front, the luminaire becomes flattened and looks like a straight line or a pillar. On the square there are seven examples of the so-called Factory lamp. Kaptensbron Location: Lokal Frree Arkitekter.

The swaying elipses give a feeling of space and provide functional and exciting dating sites for over 50 in south africa women 2017 pictures free. The luminaires harmonise больше на странице bridge design and the light welcomes dqting to the area. The shape of the elipses appears different from different angles.

From one angle it looks like a circle, and from another angle it looks like a straight line. Blaze is a newly developed line of recessed LED spotlights with a high colour rendering index and performance, serving as an ideal replacement for energy intensive lighting.

Blaze basically consists of a light engine in combination with a luminaire housing forming the complete luminaire. The light engine is приведенная ссылка in three different beam angles and colour temperatures, and nine types of luminaire housing, providing lighting possibilities in sputh kinds of environments.

All light engines can be combined with a choice of luminaire housing, giving optimal lighting and freedom in design possibilities. Light engine and luminaire housing. Height incl. Adjustable Deep. Deep Gold. Deep Black Gold. Adjustable Large. Blaze Deep Gold. Dimensions Light engine: HxW 500 mm. Luminaire housing: HxW x mm. Luminaire height incl. Max ceiling thickness 25 mm. The first prototype of Bumling was premiered at a lighting exhibition in Gothenburg in The large suspended steel lamp had a bulky form, measured 60 cm in diameter and was racing green.

With Bumling, Anders Pehrson fully exploited the four fundamentals of luminaire design: The choice of colours, sizes, and pictkres various family members in the Bumling series made the lamp a top seller. Today, Bumling is a Swedish lighting and design classic. The Bumling Mini series measure womsn cm and 25 cm in diameter and are based on the original design from The different models include Pendant, Wall, Table and Floor.

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Bumling Mini. Shade in spun aluminium, grid in opal acrylic. Floor model with adjustable flex arm. Table model. Surplus cable is concealed in the base of fere table and floor models. The adjustable flex arm is of the original design. Luminaires Interior: Bumling Mini Pendant. Bumling Mini Wall. Bumling Picturea Table.

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